Instructor Training Camp 2018

Become a ChiRunning® Certified Instructor to help others to enjoy running injury-free and effortlessly; treat ChiRunning® as your career and your mission by promoting this revolutionary running system to benefit more people.

The ChiRunning® Instructor Certification System has been continuously improved and improved over the past two decades, ensuring the integrity of each instructor and becoming a dual affirmation of running skills and training proficiency.

The founder of ChiRunning® – Master Danny Dreyer will host an instructor camp at Hong Kong in March 2018. It is a real opportunity for learning directly from Master. Take immediate action, join the ranks of professional coaches!





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(Instructor Training Camp)

Danny Dreyer & Jane Tse

Unit Services & Recreation Club
Hong Kong

4 days practical workshop
5-8 Mar 2018/span>


Chirunner who has attended essiential workshop
and is mastering the Chirunning running skill

To become a ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® Certified Instructor Candidate

you should be experienced in the ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques. It is highly recommended that Candidates attend a workshop, or work privately with a Certified Instructor, before enrollment in the program.

Before starting the Home Study Course, you must:
Attend a ChiRunning workshop, or work with a Certified Instructor within one year of attending the CRCWIT
Submit Payment, Candidate Application, and a Non-disclosure Agreement

During the Home Study Course, you must:
Complete 3 Online Quizzes (Quiz links provided via email)
40 Hours Studying ChiRunning & ChiWalking Materials (Study outline provided)

Then attend the Four-day, In-person Course.
The Four-day course includes two written exams and a teaching presentation.

After attending the Four-Day Course, you must complete the following for final Certification:
Complete 30 hours of assistant teaching at a workshop with a Master Instructor or Senior Instructor
Submit videos to your Master Instructor of your personal form, and teaching one other person (Details provided in the Instructor Manual)
Submit proof of Professional Liability Insurance (we will provide you with a name of an insurance company we recommend)
Submit proof of CPR certification within the last year.

Register Now: You must complete these 3 steps to be fully registered

1. Pay for the course

2. Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

3. Fill out this Registration form

For enquires, please contact
Harrison Wong
mobile: (852)97101177

Notes to participants:

C.R.C.W.I.T. Hong Kong will take place on 5-8 March 2018 at United Services & Recreation Club, 1 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Location:
Candidates must arrive the venue before 8:45am everyday throughout the training camp.
Complimentary lunch and coffee break are provided in the training camp.

Fee: RMB11,000(P.R.C.); HKD12,900(Hong Kong) ; USD1,700(Overseas) (Remark: exclusive of transportation and accommodation)

fee inclusive of:
Instructor Manual
3 ChiRunning books, 2 DVDs, 1 Metronome
4 days practical training camp (with daily complimentary lunch and coffee break)
Certificate of completion
1 ChiRunning Instructor Tee

It is recommended that all overseas participants would book their accommodations through our travel agency “New World Travel Syndicate Limited” for logistic enquiry service and best offer of hotels located within walking distance to the venue.

New World Travel Syndicate Limited
Contact: Mr. George Chan JR
Tel: (852) 2366-2664 Mobile: (852) 9100-8039

In case you are unable to make online payment through Paypal, please remit the fee to the following bank account:

Bank: HSBC
Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Account Number: 652-513359-838